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Phyllis Shelton's
Summer Webinar Series

OK - many of you replied to my 4/30 email you wanted me to do this new webinar series to cover all the new ways to pay for LTC. I went forward and lined up an AMAZING list of guest speakers which I sent to you last Thursday. What I need you to do now is register by June 23rd, the day before the first one, to let all of us know you want this sales training. The series runs from June 24th - August 26 and each will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience, and get the handouts. If you attend live, you will be able to ask questions. So here's the official invitation:

Due to the great response to my April 30th email to see if there would be interest in a webinar series on all the different ways to sell long-term care insurance plus some new ideas, IT'S HAPPENING! I did consolidate a couple so now there are only nine but I believe each one will be a blockbuster. Each one will be recorded and published so you can listen at your convenience, but I'm hoping you will attend live as much as you can.

In an effort to replicate our big Nashville events a little, you will be able to tune in 15 minutes early and hear some great country music! There will be Q&A on each one so if you are attending live, you can ask questions. If not, you can always email me or the guest speakers with your questions, plus there will be handouts.

So here's the schedule in the order that the responders to my email said they would like to see them. They are all on Wednesday from 1:45 – 3:00 CST with the first 15 minutes filled with great music for early arrivers. Each presentation will start at 2:00 pm and go to 3:00 with Q&A at the end.

June 24 How to convert term life insurance into guaranteed issue LTC insurance Georges Holzberger
Martin Levion
(PolicyFlex LLC)
July 8 How to sell long-term care insurance that is affordable in today's market / Finding money with High Deductible Plan F with a reserve annuity / Should we sell short-term care products? Phyllis Shelton
Bob Lochard (United American)
Gary Owen (United American)
Barbara Stahlecker
(Premier LTC Brokerage)
July 15 How to sell LTC insurance to companies of all sizes Phyllis Shelton
Chuck Breen (Genworth)
Grant Mathews (Genworth)
Sue Root (LifeSecure)
Richard Chrisman (Transamerica)
July 22 Equity index annuities to fund LTC, with and without underwriting Evan Ward (Impact Partnership)
Phyllis Shelton
Jason Jones (OneAmerica)
July 29 My favorite linked benefit products and how not to sell them Chris Lawler (Impact Partnership)
Matt Clark (OneAmerica)
Matt Valente (Lincoln)
Aug. 5 How to successfully do internet selling, including technology tips Scott Olson (LTC Shop)
Phyllis Shelton
Lawrence Vivenzio
(LTC Consultants)
Aug. 12 Selling home care services to people who can't qualify for LTC insurance/The latest with using reverse mortgages to fund LTC and LTC insurance and how to work with the non-cross selling law Marc Sinton (True Freedom)
Michael Banner
(Professional Mortgage Alliance)
Aug. 19 My formula for analyzing a rate increase and retaining the client, plus the regulatory process of filing a rate increase and the latest on what the NAIC is doing about rate increases Cheryl Bush (MedAmerica)
Phyllis Shelton
Chris Sitek (Northstar Financial)
Aug. 26 The latest research published in 2014 on benefits actually being paid utilizing claims studies/Projections on claim duration (get ready for a few surprises) Marc Cohen (LifePlans)
Matt Morton
(Long-Term Care Group)


Keeping it affordable...

The pricing is the same as suggested in my April 30th email as almost everyone reacted favorably and this way you can pick the ones you want to attend:

$49 each for 1-3
$39 each for 4-6
$29 each for 7-9

So the most you can spend is $261 for all of them. To put this in perspective, I used to charge $349 for my two-day Nashville events which included an evening reception with a live band and breakfast both days. That meant attendees had to pay $349 plus travel and hotel and lunch both days. My one-day events in other cities cost less, but the amount of content in these nine webinars is more like what I delivered in my two-day seminars. With technology however, I can still bring you great content and guest speakers in the comfort of your office and you will still get your questions answered.


Why am I really doing this?

We are at a critical time in the long-term care insurance market with products going to gender rating and costing more in general because we haven't sold enough people to spread the risk nearly as much as we needed to over the past 20 years. Yet there are millions of people who need a way to pay for long-term care desperately. I know this because Suze Orman has made me the Dear Abby of LTC. She has been sending people to me in her books and financial planning kits and eblasts since 2011 for people who don't have a knowledgeable LTC planning professional.

If they are working with an agent, I review the plan and send them back to their agent with any suggestions I have to make the plan better or just say it's fine and to go ahead. Or maybe they are eligible for the Federal program and I show them how to apply. Some want me to review a plan they already have. Some I sell if it's appropriate. They are all ages from all over the country and that gives me a broad perspective on what people are thinking currently. Plus, my staff and I work with health insurance agents in Tennessee to sell worksite LTC plans. We also handle the employee education and local sales for the State of Tennessee 140,000 employees and their families. I tell you this to show you that I'm actively selling and will be bringing you current insights, not theoretical or outmoded ideas. There's a whole new frontier of new ideas to plan for long-term care! We all need to have a good working knowledge of these new ideas or have access to an expert when we encounter a client who can use one of them. Oh and let's see... does learning new ideas translate to new ways to make money? Lots more money???

So let's get started! Sign up now and pick the ones you want.
We will get back to you with details on how to attend.


Phyllis Shelton

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