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Phyllis Shelton and Clients' CNN Headline News
Interview Airs September 16th and 28th, 2014

I was honored to be interviewed by Suzanne Roberts, an Emmy award-winning actress, director, producer and television host, for her 14 year old show, Seeking Solutions with Suzanne, a nationally broadcasted daily and weekly information / entertainment show targeted to an older adult audience.

The 4:32 minute segment airs today on CNN Headline News at 1:24 EST and as part of a half-hour show at 7:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, September 28th on the local Comcast station. (FYI, Suzanne is also married to Ralph Roberts, a co-founder of Comcast, and their son Brian is the current CEO.) If you miss it, you can easily pick it up on the show's website.

This was a very special interview because the show flew two sets of my clients into Philadelphia to be interviewed as well. Randy and Patty Keith are clients mainly because of the experience with Randy's parents, Fred and Ella Keith, who were also my clients:

Fred and Ella Keith bought policies on July 18, 1991 at ages 66 and 59. She paid $832.40 until she had a severe stroke just before her 65th birthday in 1996 and was in a skilled nursing facility on her 65th birthday. She never recovered from this devastating stroke and required 24-hour care. She received $304,597.00 between 2002 and her death on May 27, 2010. She was home the entire time. I sold them $60 a day for home and facility care, 100 day waiting period, unlimited benefit period and of course 5% compound inflation for life. At the end the policy was paying $129 per day. It covered about forty percent of total costs and the family used her money to pay the rest at anywhere from $10 to $13.50 an hour. Considering she was able to stay home all those years and had paid less than $5000 in premium, it was an incredible deal for this family.

You might wonder why a claim wasn't filed sooner. The answer is both humorous and poignant. The humorous part of this story is this is the engineer I always talk about in my training. I did a seminar for the local society of engineers right out of the box as a new LTCI agent in 1989 because I didn't know any better :-) He and I met once a month for 6 months until he was positive about his decision. He died a few years ago and also had dementia. Now for the poignant part: the son (Randy) has one sibling locally – a sister - and they took care of both parents the best they could until Randy received a notice that the premium for the year had not yet been made. For all his careful planning, Fred had never told them. They were angry at first, then relieved. Fred was resisting caregivers in his dementia at the time Randy first contacted me about the coverage in 2002. Fred missed six years of coverage not used that would have helped a great deal with the care of Ella. Randy told me that and I very firmly told him this:

"Randy, your father met with me once a month for six months because this decision was so important to him. He not only was taking care of your mother; he was also taking care of you and your sister. It was his ardent wish that neither of their care be a burden on the two of you. I need you to listen to your father from 1991, not the father you see before you now. The father in 1991 bought these policies for you and your sister and he most definitely would want you to call for help and collect on these benefits... and guess what, the premium stops once you start receiving benefits!"

My other clients, Glenda and Brad Payas, bought in 1999 when they were 56 years old, as they are Planners, with a capital "P"! This turned out to be one of the best decisions they ever made. Glenda is a dentist and she and Brad were in an elevator fall while on a mission trip in Africa. The fall crushed her knees and she was in a wheelchair for six months. She has since sustained additional falls, making her totally uninsurable today.

Being able to share a trip to Philadelphia with these precious clients was such a highlight for me, but more importantly, we are all hoping their stories will motivate others to protect their families with long-term care insurance before it's too late. Please share these stories as much as you can.

Phyllis Shelton


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